Welcome to Newmarket Equine Hospital

NEH is a world renowned specialist veterinary centre providing first opinion and referral services for horses throughout the UK and internationally.

NEH Equine Practice offers a high quality and personalised first opinion service to owners, trainers and breeders. As well as having a well established association with the racing and breeding industries in and around Newmarket, within the team we have vets with extensive experience focusing on other disciplines, including sport, leisure and endurance horses.

NEH Referrals is an outstanding resource for veterinary surgeons wishing to refer cases that require specialist expertise or facilities. Our referral service covers a range of disciplines, led by RCVS and European recognised Veterinary Specialists with a wealth of clinical experience.

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Frequently asked Questions

Making a Referral


The referrals secretarial team are available during office hours (8am to 6pm) to take the initial relevant information and organise discussion with the attending clinician if preferred. Alternatively, if you would prefer to send a referral letter or email with the relevant history an appropriate appointment can then be generated.

If you have any general questions on the referrals process, please phone and discuss with our secretaries, who can organise one of the veterinary team to contact you if required.


All cases referred to the hospital will be admitted by one of our specialists, regardless of whether it is a routine admission, or out-of-hours emergency. Likewise, a specialist is also available 24/7 to discuss cases or to view diagnostics as necessary (our consultants can view emailed images remotely). Out-of-hours the referrals number is diverted to the duty intern who will take all relevant details, and if required a telephone call from the appropriate duty specialist can be arranged.

The duty specialist is also available 24/7 for telephone advice or to view diagnostics as necessary.


It is our aim to provide referring veterinary surgeons with an individually tailored service, across all aspect of the referral process. We are equally happy to provide a complete case review, as we are to undertake diagnostic imaging of a specific site. You choose who you would like to refer to, or if you have no particular preference, the case will be directed to the most appropriate clinician. If there are specific requests regarding case communication, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate. We offer a range of billing options – just phone to discuss.


Once the case is completed the attending clinician will telephone with results and the best route of communication with your client can be decided. Discharge notes and a clinical report will be sent by email or post as requested. If you have any questions during the rehabilitation period we would be only too happy to offer advice or debate any change in treatment strategies as the case dictates.

Have I been referred to NEH?

Your primary care veterinarian will have referred you to NEH because your horse or pony has a condition which requires the advanced diagnostic and/or treatment options that are only available in a referral centre. NEH is the largest equine hospital in Europe and has an unrivalled level of expertise with European and/or RCVS Recognised Specialists in all disciplines.

What paperwork should I bring?

You will have been sent a consent form with your appointment letter or e-mail. This should be signed and brought to your appointment. If you are not accompanying your horse or pony personally, please return it by e.mail/fax or send it with your transporter. The consent form must be signed by someone over 18 years of age. Treatment cannot begin until we have the owner’s signed consent.

All horses and ponies should arrive with their passport. Please make sure the declaration at Part II of Section IX of your the passport has been signed stating that the horse/pony “is not intended for slaughter for human consumption”. Under the Equine Passport Scheme, we are required by law to make sure this section is completed before administering any medications to your horse.

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