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Thermoregulation – beating the heat

In the second article written earlier this year for endurance GB, NEH Sports Medicine Specialist Fran James discusses thermoregulation in

Common Injuries in Endurance Horses

In the first of two articles written for endurance GB, NEH Sports Medicine Specialist Fran James discusses common orthopaedic injuries

Water treadmill for equine rehabilitation – new guidelines

New guidelines, endorsed by British Equestrian, are available for horse owners who use, or intend to use, a water treadmill.

Advice to horse owners regarding equine flu

On 7th February 2019, the British Horseracing Authority made the decision to cancel all racing until 13th February. The British

Equine Influenza – An Overview

Equine flu is a highly contagious viral disease which can affect all equine species, including donkeys. Transmission occurs by inhalation

Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer is an increasingly popular technique with many advantages for the breeder. Newmarket Equine Hospital is pleased to

Irregular heart beat? – Atrial Fibriallation explained

What is Atrial Fibrillation?
Atrial fibrillation is a cause of an abnormal heart rhythm. It is one of the most

Headshaking in horses

Headshaking in horses
Headshaking in horses can be a frustrating condition to manage. The clinical signs are not specific; there

How to keep your horse competing by avoiding injuries

Getting your horse fit and managing a half-way decent dressage score can seem like the biggest obstacles in having a

Newborn foal check

Following on from Lizzie Halliwell’s MRCVS blog on getting to know the newborn foal, NEH vet Luke Berry MRCVS delves