Returning the Racehorse to the Track

On 22nd October, we will be hosting a seminar for trainers, assistant trainers and head lads covering the latest approach

Dealing With Sarcoids

Equine sarcoids are common and often ignored, but they represent a potentially highly invasive skin cancer. In the March issue

Veterinary Practitioners Day

There are still some places available for the ISER XII Veterinary Practitioners’ Day at Tattersalls, Newmarket on Saturday, 28th July.

CASE STUDY – a subchondral bone cyst in the stifle

Manchengo, a three year old thoroughbred, was admitted to NEH after showing signs of lameness at trot. Upon examination at

Sesamoid fractures in Thoroughbred Racehorses

In the November issue of Thoroughbred Owner and Breeder, NEH vet Rob Pilsworth discusses sesamoid fractures in racehorses (for the