Breeding Services

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Breeding Services

Our team of stud vets provides comprehensive reproductive and stud medicine services for the many stud farms in Newmarket and further afield. Our hospital has a dedicated foal unit and an on-site, HBLB-approved laboratory which offers rapid PCR testing 7 days/week.

Artificial Insemination

AI has become increasingly popular for use in non-Thoroughbreds and we are a BEVA approved AI Centre offering a comprehensive

Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer is the procedure by which a pregnancy can be recovered from a donor mare at an early stage

Foetal Sexing

The sex of an equine foetus can be determined from around 60 to 120 days of gestation, by transrectal (internal)

High Risk pregnancy

Factors which can make mares ‘high risk’ and likely to require assistance at foaling include age, maternal illness, a history

Mare Infertility Investigation

A reproductive evaluation is recommended in mares prior to purchase or in mares which have failed to conceieve. A complete

Neonatal Intensive Care

Within our hospital, we have a dedicated unit for foals requiring more assistance than can be provided on the stud,

Reproductive Surgery

Our hospital-based surgical specialists provide 24-hour cover for Caesarean sections and other emergency surgery associated with foaling, such as repair

Stallion Breeding Examination

Stallion reproductive assessments may be required for pre-purchase or insurance purposes; or investigation and management of subfertility. The essential elements