find out more about our dedicated shipping department

Our experienced shipping secretaries work closely with all the major shipping companies.

Newmarket Equine Hospital has a dedicated shipping department which specialises in organising pre-export examinations and testing schedules to comply with the differing import requirements to enable horses to travel to countries all around the world.

Our experienced shipping secretaries work closely with all the major shipping companies and with Animal Health (DEFRA)’s dedicated Specialist Service Centre for Equine Exports.

All our vets are trained Official Veterinarians, licenced by Animal Health to approve quarantine facilities if required, perform export testing and complete the appropriate export health certificate; we also have three Hong Kong Jockey Club Nominated Veterinarians.

In conjunction with the shipping agencies, we regularly arrange the export of horses to countries as varied as Australia and New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore, the West Indies, Hong Kong and Macau, South Africa, South America, India and Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates as well as USA, Canada and throughout Europe. We cover both temporary export for competition and permanent export requirements and have arranged export for horses of all shapes and sizes including Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods, endurance horses, polo ponies, Arabians, Gypsy cobs, Percherons and other heavy horses and even donkeys!

We will be happy to advise you concerning any queries you may have about the export of your horse. Please contact us on +44(0)1638 782000 or e-mail amanda.tanner@neh.uk.com.

Shipping Agency

Listed below are the contact details for the shipping agencies we deal with on a regular basis. Please contact them