Harry steps out following surgery

Meet Harry, a 22 year old Welsh cob who has just been to us for surgery and became a firm favourite on the yard.

In October last year he went lame and his rear hind tendon sheath became noticeably swollen. His vet prescribed anti-inflammatories and a period of rest which resulted in a short term improvement but, unfortunately, he was lame again by the beginning of this year.

Harry came to us in February, having been referred by Conor Fenelon at the Acorns Equine Clinic. At this time his lameness was scored at 4/10.

Following a thorough clinical examination and ultrasound scanning, surgeon Matt Smith and his colleagues at NEH diagnosed a tear in one of the tendon appendages, inside the sheath.

Harry was taken to surgery, where an arthroscope was inserted through a keyhole incision, the diagnosis was confirmed and Matt removed the entire appendage. This represented a fairly complex dissection through a keyhole approach but Matt has a wealth of experience in the technique as NEH has had many referrals of this type of injury. It seems to be particularly prevalent in cobs. The surgery went well and the tendon sheath was flushed and bandaged. Harry was hospitalised for 2 days and, having recovered well, he went home, and is currently being box rested and hand grazed. He will soon start a period of hand walking and then his exercise can be increased gradually.

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