NEH referrals

setting standards in clinical excellence

NEH is the largest equine hospital in Europe. The hospital is a purpose built state-of-the- art facility, with RCVS accreditation as a tier three specialist equine hospital.

Our hospital veterinary surgeons are consultants in their field, holding specialist qualifications endorsed with extensive clinical experience. The hospital offers a comprehensive specialist service in a range of disciplines. The combination of facilities and personnel available at NEH is unparalleled in providing innovative and specialist care for horses.

The horses in our hospital are given the highest standard of veterinary care. We have six intern veterinary surgeons residing onsite providing round the clock care of inpatients. There are 4 qualified nurses in our specialist equine nurse team and a dedicated team of 16 yard staff with the experience and skill to look after all ages and breeds of horse that are admitted. Nurse and yard staff are available 24/7 as part of our emergency service.


Uncompromising standards of expertise and equipment are essential to minimise the inherent risks associated with general anaesthesia in the horse. NEH provides a highly specialist anaesthesia service led by Diploma holders in the field of anaesthesia.


Newmarket Equine Hospital hosts CPD courses for veterinarians, ranging from core skills courses for recent graduates through to advanced courses

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is a term used to describe methods which allow us to visualise structures and activities inside the body.


NEH offers routine and remedial farrier work, with consultant farrier Will O’Shaughnessy working with our hospital specialists.

Internal Medicine

Our Internal Medicine Team provides outstanding diagnostic and therapeutic care to horses with conditions affecting the internal systems, particularly the

Lameness Investigation

Lameness is one of the most common ailments affecting the horse, often resulting in days lost from work. Varying severities

Orthopaedic Surgery

Approximately 650 orthopaedic surgical procedures are performed annually at NEH, with the most common procedures being arthroscopic surgery and fracture repair. Headed up by surgeons Ian Wright and Matt Smith, NEH leads the way in Europe with unparalleled level or surgical experience and expertise.

Poor Performance

The assessment of poor performance in horses is based on a complete and accurate case history, a detailed clinical examination


At NEH we employ tailored musculoskeletal rehabilitation plans for our individual patients to enhance the quality and longevity of their

Soft Tissue Surgery

Colic in the horse is an emergency and potentially life threatening condition. All four of our soft tissue surgeons hold the European Diploma in surgery and have extensive surgical experience. Combined with our 24/7 available team of nurses, anaesthetists and interns, NEH provides a rapid response service critical to success in common soft tissue emergency cases.