London Back on Form

London is a gorgeous 6-year-old dressage horse. Sadly he suffered a bout of colic in March of this year and his veterinary surgeon referred him to NEH as an emergency.

He was seen by one of the Hospital Consultants, Fran James, who examined him on admission, administered intravenous fluids and monitored him closely over the next few hours. Unfortunately, his condition was not improving despite these measures and Fran took the decision that London should undergo surgery to correct a suspected blockage of his small intestine.

Once he was on the operating table and Fran could assess the gastrointestinal tract, she could see straight away that London’s discomfort was caused by eosinophilic enteritis, a condition in which the number of eosinophils (a form of white blood cell) increases significantly and they infiltrate an area of intestine, forming a focal band which creates an obstruction. In some cases, as happened with London, this obstructive band then causes the intestine to twist upon itself and cause all the typical signs of colic.

The surgery went well and Fran was able to correct the obstruction. However, London’s condition was ‘touch and go’ for the next 3 days as he suffered a further bout of colic. He remained in the hospital for 10 days in total and was treated with steroids up to and beyond his discharge.

We are happy to report that, when he came back for his 3-month check-up all appeared well and Fran gave his grateful owner, Patricia Pomp, the all clear to start working him again.

We were delighted to hear from Pat recently that London went to the British Dressage Regional in Devon and came third with over 70% in a very large class, qualifying him for the BD Nationals at Stoneleigh Park on 13thSeptember. He also competed at the Bury Farm High Profile Show and won both Novice and Gold classes overall with 77 and 74%.


We love getting such positive feedback about patients we have treated and we wish London and his connections all good luck.


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