Managing the Racehorse – 5th September 2019

NEH is delighted to offer a full day course covering a comprehensive range of presentations by internationally recognised experts. The course will cover current topics in the management of the Thoroughbred racehorse. The morning session will address a number of surgical conditions and will include a presentation by Ian Wright FRCVS on the surgical management of subchondral bone cysts and whether screws are the answer.

The afternoon session will cover diagnosis and management of medical conditions and will include an update on Equine Influenza from Dr Richard Newton FRCVS. There will beplenty of time for discussion at the end of each session.

Other speakers include:

William Barker, Dr Mark Hillyer, Dr Celia Marr, Dr Patrick Pollock, Jan Pynn, Fabrice Rossignol.

Venue: Newmarket Equine Hospital

Date: Thursday 5th September 2019

Registration fee: £400 including VAT

To book a place please contact: Laura Raistrick on +44 1638 782000 • email:

Full details available here: Managing the TB Racehorse leaflet & booking form

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