The Racehorse Revisited: Essential CPD for Racehorse Vets


Thursday 7th September 2017, Newmarket Equine Hospital, £395 + VAT

This course is being organised by NEH to provide an upadate on some of the most frequently encountered problems seen by racehorse vets.

It will highlight some new approaches to upper airway conditions; what to do with the coughing horse, the interpretation of nerve blocks; radiology of the tibia; management of severe eye pathology; the use of the robotic CT scanner in practice; and the regulations surrounding dope testing.

There will also be in-depth sessions on the conservative management of dorsal PI chip fractures; the management of proximal and distal suspensory ligament injuries; and juvenile tendonitis.

The comprehensive programme will be delivered by internationally renowned speakers, including leading track vet Ryan Carpenter, who will give a USA perspective on these conditions; together with Jenny Hall, Justin Perkins, Rob Pilsworth, Patrick Pollock; Pete Ramzan; Mike Shepherd; Ian Wright; and Tom Yarbrough. Click here to see the full programme.

Places on this course are strictly limited. To make a reservation, contact Laura Raistrick on +44 1638 7820000 or

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