Sport & Leisure

Passports & Microchipping

All horses, ponies and other equids in the UK need to have a passport containing information which identifies the individual

Lameness Investigation

Lameness is one of the most common ailments affecting the horse, often resulting in days lost from work. Varying severities


Prevention is always better than cure and routine examination of your horse’s teeth can prevent more serious problems from developing

Mobile Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is a term used to describe methods which allow us to visualise structures and activities inside the body.

Official Measurement

NEH is able to provide an official measurement service to our clients.
David Dugdale VetMB CertEP CertESM MRCVS is on

Pre-purchase Examinations

We undertake pre-purchase examinations on horses of all types and ages, either at NEH or at the premises where the

Routine Health Care

Routine and preventive health care is an extremely important aspect of horse ownership and includes vaccination, dental care and the