Team Changes at NEH

The team of specialists at NEH has expanded over the past year with three new diplomates joining, each bringing different areas of expertise to the team. They are all now taking case referrals and working on the out of hours service.


 Hayley Chidlow BVSc DipACVIM MRCVS

Hayley joined the medicine team in 2019. Hayley has substantial experience in critical care and is available to receive all emergency medicine referrals including but not limited to acute gastrointestinal and respiratory cases, periparturient problems in broodmares, and conditions of neonatal and older foals. She is also available for elective referrals, and has a wide range of skills in ultrasonography, radiography, endoscopic procedures including bronchoscopy, gastroscopy and cystoscopy, and biopsy techniques. These enable her to take a targeted approach to the investigation and treatment of common problems such as chronic respiratory disease, weight loss, recurrent colic, endocrine disease, and liver disease. Hayley also has a particular interest in neurologic disease, having completed research on this area during her training, and is happy to undertake neurologic evaluations including CSF collection both in the hospital and in the field. As part of the referral team, Hayley widens NEH’s multi-disciplinary approach to complex cases, such as the use of laparoscopy, thoracoscopy and other surgical procedures for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Hayley is available to consult remotely regarding cases and provide guidance on interpretation of clinical findings and laboratory results, as well as assisting with the development of treatment protocols for conditions commonly encountered in ambulatory practice such as Equine Asthma, Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Pituitary Pars Intermedia Disorder. Where referral is not an option, Hayley is always happy to advise on the management of challenging cases in the field.

Hayley graduated from Liverpool University Veterinary School in 2011 and worked in ambulatory practice before completing an Equine Medicine Fellowship at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Kentucky. A 3-year Large Animal Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Georgia followed and Hayley subsequently became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine


Matt Chesworth BVM BVS MVetMed Dipl. ECVS MRCVS

Matt is a recent addition to the surgical team at NEH.  He will see soft tissue and orthopaedic cases including lameness evaluations and has a particular interest in traumatology and acute colic care. Matt is personable, a good communicator and has a practical approach to problem solving.

In February 2020 Matt successfully passed the qualifying examinations of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons, becoming a Diplomate of the College and a European Specialist in Equine Surgery. Matt graduated from Nottingham University Veterinary School in 2011, and then undertook an internship at Rainbow Equine Hospital. He subsequently spent 4 years in ambulatory practice before undertaking a three-year surgical Residency at the Royal Veterinary College.



Jodie joins Newmarket Equine Hospital as a Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation consultant. She will join our current team of specialists for diagnosis and treatment of lameness, and will be available for cases from single limb lameness to those requiring more extensive evaluation, particularly those without an obvious cause for reduced performance or atypical behaviour under saddle. Jodie has extensive experience in diagnostic imaging of the musculoskeletal system, including radiography and ultrasonography of the axial skeleton. She has utilised many alternative approaches for treatment of lameness, including biologic and physical therapies. Jodie will also be providing individually tailored rehabilitation plans for both post-operative orthopaedic and soft tissue cases, as well as for those which require rehabilitation as part of their ongoing management for lameness or poor performance. Jodie is happy to consult directly and remotely to provide guidance on safe and applicable advanced rehabilitation techniques for specific cases, including developing long term rehabilitation programs for owners and discussing individual requirements with paraprofessionals. Jodie has advanced training in the use of underwater treadmill, laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, TENS, neuromuscular stimulation, kinesiotape, pulsed electromagnetic therapy and manual therapies and can advise on appropriate use of these tools.

Jodie graduated from Bristol University Veterinary School in 2010. Following this Jodie undertook the two year Newmarket Equine Hospital internship before working for 18 months in racing and performance horse practice. Jodie moved to the USA in 2014 to complete an internship in Equine Integrative Sports Medicine at the University of California, Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital. She then completed a four year residency training program in Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation from the pre-eminent team at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Jodie returned to Newmarket Equine Hospital in 2019 and became a Diplomate of the American College of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation in February 2020.

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