Water treadmill for equine rehabilitation – new guidelines

New guidelines, endorsed by British Equestrian, are available for horse owners who use, or intend to use, a water treadmill. The document was put together by a group of clinicians and researchers specialising in equine water treadmill use, with the goal of informing owners of best practice, so that water treadmill can be incorporated safely into a horse’s training with the best possible results. Newmarket Equine Hospital consultant Jodie Daglish encourages owners to contact the office to discuss specific requirements for individual horses. She explains, ‘The guidelines are a welcome initiative and will be very helpful for horse owners thinking of using water treadmill for their horse. Water treadmill is a valuable tool, particularly for horses rehabilitating from an injury, and specifically tailoring the program to an individual horse will optimise the potential benefits of this therapy. Whether your horse is recovering from a known injury, or simply needs the additional conditioning, a targeted training plan will achieve higher gains than a one size fits all approach.’ Guidelines are available here: https://www.britishequestrian.org.uk/assets/NEWS/HPY_WT_DOC_APRIL2020_RELEASE%20(003).pdf

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