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The Practice
The Practice: +44 (0)1638 782000 The Hospital: +44 (0)1638 782020

NEH at a glance

NEH in its current form was officially opened in October 2008, based at our site next to the 'Rearing Horse' roundabout at the entrance to Newmarket.

Before moving to its current premises, for 96 years the practice was located on the High Street in Newmarket. In 1912 William Livock moved into March House on the High Street (subsequently renamed Reynolds House) which had been a veterinary practice since the mid 19th Century. He was joined in 1923 by Brayley Reynolds, who, after distinguished service in the Veterinary Corps in the First World War, had become head of clinical studies at the Royal Veterinary College. They were joined by Harvey Leader, a member of the long-established family of Newmarket Horse trainers. In 1945 Fred Day, who had researched the oestrus cycle of mares with Sir John Hammond during the war, specialised in stud work. They were joined by Bob Crowhurst, who, after the army in the second World War and a spell in Kentucky, developed the surgical facilities. Donald Simpson then joined and became vet to the National Stud. The practice took its name from the partners at the time and in its latest incarnation was known as Greenwood, Ellis and Partners, after Richard Greenwood and David Ellis.

If you look closely when you are at NEH, you will see the Walnut Trees along the grass frontage to the hospital in front of the stables. These trees are a link to our heritage on the High Street, as they are descendants of a large Walnut tree that was located in the centre of the old main yard.

We have grown substantially over the years and now have a team of over 40 veterinarians working from our Newmarket site, providing veterinary services both in the local area and to clients travelling from afar. This includes teams of vets focused on different disciplines – racehorses, breeding, sales, sports and leisure, and endurance. The hospital provides multidisciplinary specialist referral services. We have also expanded our associations with a number of practices in Europe, about which more information can be found here