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The Practice
The Practice: +44 (0)1638 782000 The Hospital: +44 (0)1638 782020

Newmarket Equine Hospital couldn’t function without the wider team supporting the Vets.

Head nurse Sophie Haylock leads our team of seven registered veterinary nurses, assisted by our trainee vet nurses and student nurses on year long placements with us. The nurses have a wide remit in the hospital from assisting in surgery, in-patient care and monitoring, and are highly proficient in clinical skills such as bandaging and intra-venous catheter placement. They also run the pharmacy and are highly involved in the day to day smooth running of the hospital.

The diagnostic imaging technicians, led by Charlotte Mumby, are key in the acquisition of high quality diagnostic images from modalities including radiography, MRI and nuclear scintigraphy. 

The practice has a team of veterinary technicians who assist at client yards with radiographs and lameness work ups, and are trained to carry out adjunctive therapies under veterinary instruction.

The yard staff are vital to the wellbeing of our inpatients. Yard manager Lizzie Bates works with our team of yard staff who are skilled in horse husbandry and handling, ensuring your horse has the best of care whilst at NEH. 

The lab is staffed by qualified laboratory technicians who provide a vital service in running and interpreting diagnostic tests seven days a week throughout the year.  

All this work is supported by a team of receptionists, personal assistants and secretaries who not only undertake the usual administrative roles of any business but are trained in the triage of emergency calls.

The Newmarket Equine Hospital team is large and varied and the support staff are widely appreciated and vital to the smooth and successful running of our practice.

The Nursing Team The Nursing Team
Diagnostic Imaging technicians Diagnostic Imaging technicians
The Practice Veterinary Technicians The Practice Veterinary Technicians