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Your visit to Newmarket Equine Hospital

Please have a look at the following information which aims to answer the most common questions about a visit to Newmarket Equine Hospital. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact The Hospital. On arrival to Newmarket Equine Hospital, proceed through the black gates and follow directions to visitor parking.  

Making an appointment

Routine admissions

The referrals secretarial team are available during office hours (8am to 6pm) to take the initial relevant information and organise discussion with the attending clinician if preferred. Alternatively, if you would prefer to send a referral letter or email with the relevant history an appropriate appointment can then be generated.

If you have any general questions on the referrals process, please phone and discuss with our secretaries, who can organise one of the veterinary team to contact you if required.

Emergency admissions & advice

All emergency cases referred to the hospital will be admitted by one of our specialists. Likewise, a specialist is also available 24/7 to discuss cases or to view diagnostics as necessary. Out-of-hours the referrals number is diverted to the duty intern who will take all relevant details, and if required a telephone call from the appropriate duty specialist can be arranged.

A tailored service

It is our aim to provide referring veterinary surgeons with an individually tailored service, across all aspect of the referral process. We are equally happy to provide a complete case review, as we are to undertake diagnostic imaging of a specific site. You choose who you would like to refer to, or if you have no particular preference, the case will be directed to the most appropriate clinician. If there are specific requests regarding case communication, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate. We offer a range of billing options – just phone to discuss.

Post referral communication

Once the case is completed the attending clinician will telephone with results and the best route of communication with your client can be decided. Discharge notes and a clinical report will be sent by email or post as requested. If you have any questions during the rehabilitation period we would be only too happy to offer advice or debate any change in treatment strategies as the case dictates.

Getting here

Newmarket Equine Hospital is based just outside of Newmarket close to the Rearing Horse Roundabout. The post code CB8 0FG should bring you directly to the Hospital. Please note the one way entry and exit system from the site, with entry from the A1303 and exit to the A1304. If you are having any trouble getting to us or are delayed please give The Hospital a call. 

On arrival to Newmarket Equine Hospital

Upon arrival at NEH drive through the black gates. Out of hours there is an intercom system to enable you to contact the duty intern. Bear left for the lorry and trailer park which is signposted and once you have parked please go to the stables office before unloading where, our Stables team will be pleased to welcome you.

Your horse can then be unloaded into appropriate stabling. Once your horse is settled in the stables, if you are scheduled for a face to face consultation your specialist will meet you and discuss clinical history. Due to the COVID policy, consultations are currently taking place by telephone or in an outside environment. 

If you are not accompanying your horse please sign and return by email or via your transporter the Consent Form which was sent to you with your appointment letter/email. Please note that these forms are legal documents and should be signed by someone over 18 years of age. Treatment cannot begin until we have the owner’s signed consent.

Please remember the passport must accompany your horse when it is transported. Please make sure the declaration at part II of section IX of your horse’s passport has been signed stating that your horse is not intended for slaughter for human consumption. Under the Equine Passport Scheme, we are required by law to make sure this section is completed before administering any medications to your horse.

Loading area & trailer parking

We have a large unloading ramp with space for 3 large horseboxes, and a separate area for low-loaders and trailers. There are also parking spaces where smaller horseboxes and trailers may be left whilst the horse is hospitalised.


 On arrival at NEH one of our friendly reception team will be pleased to welcome you. If you have brought your horse for an appointment, your veterinary specialist will be with you shortly to consult with you about your horse's complaint. Our reception area has comfortable seating and a range of reading material. The reception team will be happy to make fresh tea or coffee.

Your horses' stay

There are 86 stables at NEH divided between the different areas of the hospital. For in-patients, we are able to offer either outdoor stables with separate air-spaces, or stables within the American barns. If you have a preference as to where you would like your horse to be stabled whilst at NEH, please inform our yard manager or one of the team at the time of admission.

We provide a variety of horse feeds but owners may bring their own if preferred including any supplements the horse is currently receiving. The stables team will discuss your horse’s usual feeding routine with you on arrival. Stable rugs, if worn, should accompany the horse and will be clearly labelled upon arrival along with any other belongings (eg headcollar/tack). All horses are routinely bedded on shavings.

Visiting your horse & updates

If you would like to visit, please telephone the Hospital Office beforehand with an approximate time of arrival. Visits should be between the hours of 9.00 am to 5.00 pm unless otherwise arranged. For site and patient safety, and security, all visitors must be accompanied. Please report to the stables office on arrival and a member of staff will show you to your horse’s stable. Please also inform staff when you are leaving.

If you would like an update on your horse’s progress please call The Hospital between 9.00am and 5.30pm. The clinicians are attending clinical and surgical cases during the day and may not be able to speak to you directly but the referrals office secretaries will help where possible and pass on any information.

When cases are admitted for a lameness/poor performance investigation, the attending vet will usually contact you when all diagnostics have been completed rather than after every stage. The secretaries will happily relay general updates should you wish to check that your horse has settled in.

The office is not manned by secretaries after 6pm on weekdays, or during the weekend, so please call with general enquiries during office hours when the appropriate people will be able to help. Outside of office hours, the phones will be diverted to the duty intern veterinary surgeon. You will be contacted immediately if there is any change in your horse’s condition – so no news is good news!

Financial information

Insured clients 

Please inform your insurance company that you have been referred to Newmarket Equine Hospital and the nature of the appointment/treatment. We advise you to discuss your horses' problem to make sure they will cover the complaint. For elective cases this should be done before the horse is admitted to NEH and in the case of emergencies, this should be done at the earliest opportunity.

An estimate of costs will be given to you during your consultation; please ask if this is not offered.

Prior to collection of your horse, you will be asked to settle an amount on account. This may be your excess amount and/or the hospitalisation costs if your insurance company does not cover and any fees over the insured amount. This insurance calculation for excess etc. may vary from our calculation and any shortfall remains your responsibility. Any resulting overpayment will be refunded as soon as possible.

For most insurance companies it will be necessary for us to complete a claim form which will be signed by the attending vet and returned to them along with a copy of the veterinary report and invoice. We request that payment is made direct from your insurers to NEH and not to yourself. If you do not agree to this then we may ask you to settle the bill in full prior to discharge.

We will send a copy of any invoices forwarded to your insurers to you for your own records. We will also send out letters regularly to let you know if no payment has been received from your insurance company. If you receive one of these letters, please help by contacting your insurance company and asking why payment has not been made and then let us know for our records.

The insurance contract is between you and the insurance company and should insurers fail to pay for all or any of the costs involved, you will remain liable for any outstanding fees. It is your responsibility to keep in contact with your insurance company to ensure that they are processing your claim. Our payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice and 2.5% interest may be added to invoices not settled within this timeframe.

Non insured clients 

Our hospital policy is for settlement of the account, by debit or credit card prior to discharge/collection of your horse. Should you wish to collect your horse over the weekend, you will be asked to settle the bill in full on Friday. Any costs incurred over the weekend will be scheduled on an additional bill which will be sent to you and must be settled within 30 days from the date of invoice.

During your horse’s stay if you would like to know the current status of the account, please contact one of the Referrals Office secretaries who can arrange this.

Newmarket Equine Hospital is a trading name of Newmarket Equine Clinic Limited a company registered in England and Wales, registration number 05982720. Registered office – Newmarket Equine Hospital, Cambridge Road, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 0FG. VAT registration number 125340840.